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BRVP Key Stage 2 worksheeesBedford River Valley Park (BRVP) is a wonderful, local green space, growing every day. It’s a great place for wildlife and recreation but also an exciting place to inspire learning. The site itself will be an accessible and diverse resource and promises many memorable learning opportunities.

First hand, positive experiences in such an environment can actively support creativity, enthusiasm and learning.

With these resources, we hope to offer some useful project ideas for your group members or pupils, and worksheets to support your programmes of study inside and outside the classroom. The resources are designed to enhance existing teaching programmes and are based on Key Stage 2, broadly around the following categories:

  • Habitats of BRVP
  • People in BRVP
  • Quarrying

There is also a huge amount of information in the Heritage section of the web site. These pages take you from 9,000 years ago right through to the Twentieth Century and are full of facts about the people who have lived in the area through all of those centuries.

Don’t forget the fun puzzles and activities!


Working in partnership with Bedford Borough Council and the National Lottery.