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Fun and learning

Welcome to the kids’ section of the Bedford River Valley Park website.

If you are using this site you may already know about the fantastic park planned in Bedfordshire close to the River Great Ouse but if you don’t – here are some cool facts and information about what is going on…….


It’s going to be huge!

The new park will be based around land that sometimes floods, stretching from Priory Country Park in Bedford along the river valley to Willington. It will be six times the size of London’s Hyde Park and will even dwarf Central Park in New York.

There will be loads to see and do

The River Valley Park will include green open spaces, lots of different wildlife habitats, different sports facilities and loads of walking, cycling and riding routes. It will be a brilliant place to visit!

It won’t happen overnight

Although some work has started, it will take many years to develop everything that is in the plan for the Park.

Sand and gravel are still quarried in areas of the park, it is a busy area and it takes time to create new paths and bridges. You can visit some areas now; just make sure you pay attention to signs and notices telling you where to go and what to do. Why not download a map and go and explore!

The park is for everyone


Lots of people live near the park, in Bedford, Kempston and Willington for example but there are lots more homes being built nearby and everyone can use the new Park. We would love to hear from you! What do you think about the new park and the ideas for the future? Why not visit the park and let us know?

You could send us pictures you draw, photographs you take, or write us poems or stories about your visit. Just tell us what you think!

Watch this animation

Here’s a 2 1/2 minute animation to rush you through thousands of years in BRVP, from mammoths to matchsticks.