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Colouring sheets

Got your coloured pencils at the ready? Why not print these drawings of animals that once lived in BRVP (and some that still do) and do a bit of colouring.


  • Newnham Priory’s monks had the right to fishred_download in Bedford Castle waters. Here are some of the fish they might have caught and eaten
  • Mammoths roamed the area of BRVP during the last blue_downloadIce Age, until c.12,000 years ago
  • Families foraged for plants, fished the rivers and hunted game such as red red_downloaddeer
  • Aurochs were huge, wild cattle, now extinct, that once roamed the areablue_download
  • Iron Age sheepred_download
  • Otter blue_download

animal colouring sheets on this page


  • Mesolithic hunters, about 9,000 years ago, lived and hunted in Bred_downloadRVP
  • A Neolithic toolmaker attaches a handle to her flint axe, perhaps 5,000 years ago
  • An Iron Age farmer; pigs were an important part of a farm’s livestock
  • Underneath Priory Lake were blue_downloadonce the remains of a Roman-style bath house. Here a Roman, cleanses in an old-fashioned way
  • Medieval monks ate plenty of red_downloadfish
  • Boat crew on the River Great Ouse – Fen Lighters carried cargo to and from Bedfordblue_download
  • Willington station in the 1950s. The railway opened in 1862 and was closed in 1968red_download

Pictures of people to colour on this page