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Surfaced path adjacent to Priory Lake, Bedford

Throughout the year, Bedford River Valley Park offers non-muddy walking on fantastic surfaced trails. Park at Priory Country Park and you could choose to stay there for a day, exploring the Finger Lakes, banks of Priory Lake or the recently installed bird hides. Alternatively, following Route 51 east will bring you to Octagon Wood and the Grange Estate – a walk of some 3, level, surfaced miles. The Grange has wonderful riverside paths and as the Park develops there will be opportunities created to reach more of the many lakes and enjoy their beauty and tranquility. Public rights of way leave the Park at Willington Lock, Castle Mill, Willington and Cople, giving access to the wider Bedfordshire countryside.

The Ouse Valley Way, that passes through the River Valley Park, connects Turvey with St Neots. More information about walking, riding and public open spaces throughout Bedfordshire: www.letsgo.org.uk

Guided Walk

Guided walk by the Elstow Brook at the Grange Estate